JUAS (Jiva Urban Agriculture Systems Pvt. Ltd.) is a legally registered private company in Nepal under Company Registrar’s Office. We are focused on Research and Development (R&D) on organic wastes recycling, organic urban farming, high nutrition foods, Ayurvedic herbs, and natural medicines. Currently, we promote and provide products and services for decentralized recycling of organic kitchen wastes into biogas and fertilizer and also various forms of vertical urban farming systems.

Almost 60% of garbage coming out of an average household in Kathmandu is organic in nature. Without segregation, these garbage end up in landfills creating heavy environmental and economic burden. Till today, besides composting, people have no other convenient option to convert their household organic waste into value. Another major problem faced by urban population is low-availability of pesticide free, cheap, organic vegetables. With our vertical farming system, one can produce high nutrient organic foods on non-arable area such as rooftops or balconies with least amount of labor and water requirement. The organic fraction of waste from each household if converted into fertilizer would be sufficient to produce more than 50% of household’s organic greens and vegetable needs. So, we came up with an idea of introducing JUAS Biodigester integrated Vertical Planters for urban farming. With this, organic kitchen wastes can not only be recycled into biogas and fertilizer at source, but also be utilized to easily grow organic vegetables at source, creating a sustainable synergistic urban natural nutrient loop. This kind of biogas integrative waste management and urban farming allows us to achieve:

  • Reduced organic loading in the landfill, thereby reducing pollution and overall garbage logistics
  • Reduced LPG consumption, thereby lowering LPG import
  • Complete fertilizer from organic wastes, thereby reducing chemical fertilizer consumption
  • Higher crop production with lower labor, nutrient, and water cost, thereby creating cheaper yet healthier organic foods
  • Vegetable production at consumption site, thereby reducing overall logistics
  • More consumption of nutrient dense home grown foods, thereby reducing health management cost
  • Due to incentive of saving and creating value, realistic segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste at source is possible
  • Waste management of the most troublesome, non compostable, putrefactive organic wastes such as high caloric food wastes (fats, proteins, oily substance, etc.) is possible with JUAS Biodigester
  • Best investment for responsible citizen for better health and environment. Recycling and utilization of organic wastes into biogas and homegrown foods gives return on investment in less than 2 years

With our continuous research and product development, we aim to routinely come up with new products and services that provide solutions to existing social and environmental problems. Making use of JUAS Biodigester and JUAS Vertical Planters, we produce and process some of the highest quality health foods that are available in our JUAS online store.